Fine woodwind arrangements by John Gibson

since 1998

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Ensembles and solos for woodwinds


Where to find John Gibson's woodwind arrangements

For years woodwind players have come to for sheet music to use for their solos and ensembles. The commercial web site where you could purchase the music for download is now gone, BUT you can still find John Gibson's music at other sites.

Most of the pieces are being gradually moved to these music publishing web sites (click on the link to go there):
    1. Sheet Music Plus -  MOST OF THE SHEET MUSIC IS HERE
    2. MusicaNeo
    3. ALRY Publications - flute and clarinet ensembles mailed to you
    4. Van Cott Information Services - Advanced Clarinet Technique
    5. Art of Sound Music - where you have the choice of a PDF download or the printed music mailed to you
    6. J. W. Pepper My Score - you can either download or receive a printed copy in the mail



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For a number of my pieces I have made You Tube videos of the score and audio. You can find those by clicking this LINK or the You Tube button above.


John Gibson's interest and contribution to the clarinet literature is appreciated. Yost and Vogel collaborated on 14 concertos - this reviewer would like to see more! Alice Meyer March 2009 issue of The Clarinet magazine

The arrangements work well for four C flutes, and if performers follow the printed indications carefully, balance will not be a problem.  Melodies are generally in the first flute part, although the other three parts have challenging material as well.  These attractive pieces would be ideal for performing in situations that require soothing and unobtrusive music. Flute Talk Magazine, Jan. 2008

John Gibson has had some of his music reviewed in the past in The Clarinet. He offers here his very nicely done arrangement of Beach's work entitled From Grandmother's Garden, Op. 97.  Michele Gingras, The Clarinet Sept. 2009

"John Gibson, through the publications of JB Linear Music, has provided many superb collections of music not normally available for clarinet, and this book is an instructional compilation of music from previous editions (the reader would do well advised to check out the entire JB Linear catalog..."  Joseph Messenger, The Clarinet Dec. 2007

Nice music, and great to download it instantly.Thanks! ...ndcairn

the arrangement is very lovely - our quintet is rehearsing for next gig!....buh
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